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November 26, 2016

Beautiful, free-flowing and loosely-fitting kaftans are a travel staple!  They’re not just beachwear, you can actually wear them for any occasion with the right styling.  Available in numerous designs, colours, different lengths and versatile fabrics – there are many looks you can create!  As we get into summer we are sure many of you are planning to travel.  Whether it be a cool place or a more exotic destination, in this post, we share some of the top travel kaftans fashion tips.


The Right Fabric

When you pack for your holiday, you are already thinking of the events to attend and the activities you’re going to be doing.  For example, if you know you’re going to a beach picnic or any other casual outing on a warm day, it’s better to pick one made of a natural fabric like cotton or silk.  These type of fabrics absorb sweat and help keep your body cool on a hot day.pinwheel-front-with-wp800x1200

In this photo: Pinwheel Kaftan

On the other hand, if you know you’re going to attend an evening party, you can go for fabrics like satin, georgette, rayon, silk, etc.  In winter, silk is also a great choice as it helps insulate the body.  Just pair with some nice pants if you wish for that extra coverage.Neela Short Kaftan -2-3

In this photo: Neela Short Chiffon Kaftan

Lengths for different occasions

Kaftans are something that can go well for every age group.  A kaftan is a versatile piece and can be worn at many places like the beach, a cocktail party or even to a black-tie event and it’s all about length!

Kaftans come in short versions as well as long versions and everything in between.  If your travels take you on a cruise, how about a medium-length printed kaftan, paired with a pair of leggings to complete your look.little_mermaid_wswp3-copy800x1200

In this photo: Little Mermaid Kaftan Dress

For any casual outing, you could wear a short kaftan with a pair of slim-fit jeans or shorts.  A shorter kaftan also conceals your tummy.Azere Kaftan Dress-1

In this photo: Azere Short Satin Kaftan Dress

All kaftans have a ‘coverage’ factor, they can cover your arms, tum, and bum!  It’s all about hiding what you don’t want to be seen and highlighting your best assets.  If your travels take you to a more formal event, a wedding perhaps of a friend or family member, then go for a long kaftan, pack a floor-length kaftan instead of a gown.Aloha Long Kaftan A Front

In this photo: Aloha Long Kaftan

For a cocktail party, short or long, kaftans provide a breezy comfort and endless style.  Glam them up with a strappy heel for a sexy look.

In this photo: Blue Pacific Kaftan Dress

Pattern me fabulous

Wearing print is all about balancing out your proportions; print is the ‘style magician’ and can visually deceive the eye.  Kaftans are so versatile, they transition from day to night with effortless ease, which means…packing less!hibiscus-heaven-ns2

In this photo: Hibiscus Heaven Kaftan Dress

Layering Basics

Create multiple looks with layers. For daytime, think cotton leggings, simple plain skirts, and shorts. Tank tops are better than T-shirts because they can double up and layer under better.  A slip dress is an absolute must.full length silk chiffon kaftan in pink gemetric print

In this photo: Kas V Neck Long Kaftan

For night-time, take the length longer with wide leg pants – or narrower if you have the legs to make them work.  White or neutral tones work best as they will go with everything.  Throw in a couple of fine cotton long sleeves as base layers, or wear them on their own if the weather cools down.

The perfect pair

When packing, you need to think also about your footwear. Neutrals (silver, brown etc.) are always best when it comes to kaftans. From wedges and heels to flats, you need only pack a few shoes that can complement your selections.

In this photo: Palm Springs White Kaftan Dress

If you’re travelling to a wintery destination, swap these out for ankle boots.  The boots take the outfit from summer to Autumn/Winter and add a certain chic feel to the look.

Pack as many accessories as you can

They may be small additions but they pack a major style punch!  They can effortlessly transform your looks from day to night without compromising on precious baggage space.Chiffon full length kaftan with border print - botanica

In this photo: Botanica Kaftan Dress

Don’t follow trends, create them

At the end of the day, fashion is about self-expression!  Feel free to stand out while also feeling comfortable in kaftans.  You can optimise space when packing and create your own trend on your next holiday.


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