Laloom Sizing

Kaftans – Width

Laloom generally has two size fittings for the Kaftan (except where the item page explicitly says otherwise)

A.  Kaftans stitched on the outer edge of the garment
This is the classic kaftan style of generous fabric allowance to provide for a billowing floating effect.  This garment has little shape, but shape can be added by tying or belting the garment.
This kaftan can be worn by all but is mostly favoured by the more curvaceous woman.

These garments have a width measurement of 105cm (41”) when measured flat on a table (this means 105cm front and 105cm back).

Suitable size range:
Laloom (Australia) size 12 – 22
USA & Canada size 8 – 18
UK size 10 – 20
EU size 38 – 48

B. Kaftans with an inner side seam
This style still has generous fabric allowance, but the inner seam allows for more body shape.

These garments have an overall width of 105cm (41”) but have an inner side seam with a width of 70cm (28”) when laid flat on a table. (flat measurement is 70cm front side and 70cm back side)

Laloom (Australia) size 10 – 18
USA & Canada size 6 – 14
UK size 8 – 16
EU size 36 – 44

Kaftans – Length

Individual product pages will provide specific details of the length of the kaftan.

Our loose categories are based on long or short kaftans.
Long kaftans – 125cm (49”)
Short Kaftans – 82 cm (32”)

From time to time we may have a style that does not fit exactly into these categories, but any variation in detail will be shown on the item page.